A Detailed Guide To Know About Overband Magnetic Separators

Posted by Admin on May, 24, 2024

An overband magnetic Separator is a device that is magnetically operated. This device is used to remove ferrous contaminants from the stream of any material. This is a very important piece of equipment used in various industries like recycling, mining, and waste management units. The Overband Magnetic Separator manufacturers know the criticality of the demand for this product. Thus, they present high-quality magnetic separators of different types and features.

What are the different parts of an Overband magnetic Separator?

This equipment consists of various parts, such as a magnet system suspended over the conveyor belt, and the belt runs around the magnet.

Conveyor belt- this is a continuous belt installed around the magnet that helps remove the ferrous contaminants. The contaminants stick to it and are usually attracted by magnets.

Magnet system- this can either be a permanent magnet or an electromagnet. Permanent magnets use materials like ferrite or rare earth to generate a magnetic field. On the other hand electromagnets use electric current to produce a magnetic field.

Types of this system available at Overband Magnetic Separator manufacturers-

Permanent Overband Magnetic Separator

As the name suggests itself, it uses permanent magnets. This product is energy-efficient and has a lower operational cost. Suitable for continuous Operation without requiring a power supply for the magnet.

Electromagnetic Overband Separator

As it uses an electromagnetic coil to create a magnetic field, it generates a stronger magnetic field. This machine is often used for applications requiring high magnetic strength.

Some of the renowned Applications of this machine:

·Recycling Industry

To separate ferrous metals from waste or recycled materials.

·Mining Factory

To remove tramp iron from mined materials, protecting crushers and other machinery.

·Wood Processing Industry

To remove nails and other ferrous contaminants from wood.


To clean the material in construction and demolition waste.

·Glass and Ceramics industry

To ensure product purity by removing ferrous contaminants.

Have a look at some of the exquisite Advantages of this equipment:

1. Continuous Operation- this machine is highly durable as it can operate continuously without the need for manual intervention.

2. Protection of Equipment- this equipment is necessary as it removes ferrous contaminants that can damage machinery downstream.

3. Improved Product Purity- this is a highly useful device as it ensures that the final product is free from unwanted ferrous materials.

4. An affordable way for sustainable practicing- for any industry looking forward to increasing production while following sustainable practices.

What measures and precautions are suggested by overband magnetic separator manufacturers?

Maintenance and Consideration are always important when it comes to getting only the finest quality for good productions. Have a look at them:

Regular Inspection- you need to check for wear and tear on the belt and the magnet system.

Cleaning- Regular cleaning to ensure that the magnetic Separator operates efficiently.

Positioning- Correct positioning over the conveyor belt to maximize efficiency in contaminant removal.

Contact only the leading overband magnetic separators in your area who are well-versed with the top notch features to be imparted in this equipment.

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